Heroes of Virtue Set A

Images of Jesus, Mary, Angels, Apostles, Early Church Heroes

Aren't you a little short for an archangel? While most depictions of the Annunciation have an older looking Mary piously praying or studying the scriptures this image seeks to show that Mary was very much a young ordinary Jewish girl going about her life when an encounter with God radically changes everything.

During Advent the faithful are encouraged to reflect on the poor and less fortunate and give alms. Our Lady and St. Joseph were homeless that first Christmas Eve, finding no room at the inn. Can you make room for Christ, present in the poor, in your life.

When he was around 13 scripture tells us Jesus got lost on his annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem when he stayed behind to dialogue with elders in the temple. "Everyone who heard Him was amazed at his answers and understanding."

The 9th Station of the Cross - Jesus Falls the Third Time. Christians are invited meditate on the third time Christ fell under the weight of the cross on his way to Calvary.

The 13th Station - Jesus is taken down from the cross and laid in the arms of his mother

Often sanitized for our modern sensibilities, the Crucifixion of Our Lord was a terrifyingly violent and brutal affair for those who witnessed it. This depiction seeks to be as faithful to the reality of what happened as possible using forensic evidence gathered from the Shroud of Turin.

Christ has risen from the dead, truly He has risen. The blood of the martyrs witness to the empty tomb.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The image of Divine Mercy taking from the diary of St. Faustina and using the Shroud of Turin as the reference for the face of Jesus.

The Immaculate Conception shows Mary in her traditional Blue, White and Gold Mantle standing atop the moon and crowned with 12 Stars.

"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of Wisdom, let it be." Our Lady of Sorrow shared in the suffering of Christ at the cross when she witnessed the unfair trial, mocking, and finally brutal execution of her son Jesus. Let her share in your sorrows and lift up your pain to her and allow her to sit with you at the foot of your crosses.

Our Lady of Fatima shows the Virgin Mary with the three visionary children of Fatima: St. Jacinta and Francesco Marto and Blessed Lucia Santos. In the background are the colorful rays from the miracle of the sun and the astonished onlookers.

Our Lady of Undoer of Knots was a relatively unknown devotion until brought to the forefront by Pope Francis' devotion. Because of her obedience and willingness to do the will of God, Mary is seen as having undone the knot of Eve's disobedience. Those in trouble would do well to hand the knots in their own lives over to Our Lady.

St. Michael the Archangel St Raphael and St Gabriel are the only three angels named in the Bible. St Raphael appears in the Book of Tobit to heal and guide. Gabriel appears in the Book of Daniel to explain visions and in the Gospel of Luke to announce the coming of John the Baptist and Jesus. St Michael appears in the Book of Daniel as the guardian angel of Israel and in the Book of Revelation, he is shown casting Satan out of Heaven.

St. Michael the Archangel is the most prominent angel mentioned in the Bible. Featured in both the Old and New Testament he is traditionally depicted defeating Satan because he is described as having cast him out of Heaven.

The Third named angel is scripture is Raphael who appears in the Old Testament book of Tobit as a guide and healer. He is also associated with the pool of Bethesda that is said to have healing properties in the New Testament. He is shown here with the Serpent on the Pole from the Book of Exodus and with wings and hair made of water because of his association with water.

St. Gabriel is the second Angel depicted in the Bible. He appears to the Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament and to the priest Zechariah and Our Lady in the New Testament. Some traditions have him as the angel who announces the Resurrection to the women at the tomb and others as the angel with the trumpet in the book of Revelation. He is shown hear with the trumpet from Revelation and with wings and hair made of lighting for his association with the angel at the Resurrection.

St. Joseph's humility and chastity are virtues that make him a terror to all demons.

St, John the Baptist was a radical figure and is depicted here as a voice crying out the wilderness.

"Because you have seen me, Thomas, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed."

St. Paul and St. Timothy (sold separately) St. Timothy was a young disciple who followed and learned from St. Paul. Paul's two Letters to Timothy are part of the New Testament.

St Joseph of Arimathea was a secret disciple of Jesus. Jesus was buried in a tomb he owned and it's believed he received the cup used at the Last Supper.

St. Nicholas - He knows if you've been sleeping, he knows if you've denied the Divinity of Christ... so DUCK!!!!

Relatively unknown today St. Moses the Strong was a "desert father" whose radical conversion from violent criminal to a holy man of peace is inspiring.

This image depicts some of the famous aspects of St. Patrick's life: driving the snakes and druids from Ireland and using the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity

St Monica is the quintessential Catholic mother: praying for many years for the conversion of her wayward son... St. Augustine.

St Martin of Tours encountered a naked beggar on the road. He took his sword and cut his cloak in half so the beggar could cover himself. When his C/O berated him for defacing government property the wiley St. Martin knew all soldiers paid for half of their own uniforms. "I gave him my half!"

St. Lawrence and the Riches of the Church

St. George vs. the Dragon

Legend has it that St. Florian put out a village fire with just one jar of water.

St. Benedict is known as the father of monasticism, savior of Western Civilization and a great combatant against evil. He is shown here as traditionally depicted on the back of the St. Benedict Medal holding his rule for monastic life in one hand and his crucifix in the other. Behind him are the poison cup and bread that were used to try and kill him as well as the front of the St. Benedict Medal.

St. Lucy would rather gouge out her own eyes than violate her vows.

St. Dymphna escapes from her deranged father through the woods of Ireland.

All Saints

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